Designing Biological Systems through Machine Learning

By Shirin Bamezai One of the most promising approaches to tackling global challenges in health and sustainability is biosystems design. Biosystems design is the purposeful manipulation of biological systems (from the nucleic acid level, to entire cells) through engineering principles, ideally within a “design-build-test-iterate (or deploy)” cycle (el Karoui, Hoyos-Flight and Fletcher, 2019). Constructing novelContinue reading “Designing Biological Systems through Machine Learning”


By Yu Kiu Victor Chan For years, blood donation has been vital for treating medical conditions such as anaemia, cancer and various blood disorders. It is also crucial for surgeries, alongside treating blood loss after childbirth (How blood is used, 2020). To serve these purposes, an adequate supply of safe blood and a stable baseContinue reading “ARTIFICIAL BLOOD: CURRENT DEVELOPMENT AND CHALLENGES”

How Synthetic Biology is Transforming Classical Gene and Engineered-Cell Based Therapy

By Shirin Bamezai Since the beginning of the post-genomic era, one of the areas of research that has been consistently pushing the frontiers of medicine is gene and engineered-cell therapy. Gene and cell therapy aim to treat diseases by introducing genetic material in cells that either repairs or enhances their genome in order to produceContinue reading “How Synthetic Biology is Transforming Classical Gene and Engineered-Cell Based Therapy”