Cochlear implants and their future

By Eva Borras Hearing and communicating disorders are more common than we might think. According to the World Health Organisation, disabling hearing loss affects over 466 million people – 5% of the world’s population – and this number is expected to grow to 900 million by the year 2050 (Deafness and hearing loss, 2020). TheContinue reading “Cochlear implants and their future”

The threat of Biological warfare

By Saachi Sachdev In 2001, a bioterrorist attack took place through the US postal system. Letters containing powered Bacillus anthracis spores were intentionally distributed to civilians, killing 5 out of the infected 22, by the rare but serious disease Anthrax (Centers for Disease and Control, 2019). Bacteria, viruses and fungi, whilst seeming to be theContinue reading “The threat of Biological warfare”

CAR T-cell Therapy: A new approach to enhancing the immune response to blood cancer

By Cristina Riquelme V. An ageing world population has brought with it a growing cancer occurrence rate, thus placing cancer as one of the leading public health crises in the 21st century; 2018 saw 9.6 million deaths worldwide attributed to cancer (Cancer research UK, 2019). This has, however, spurred scientists and disease specialists across theContinue reading “CAR T-cell Therapy: A new approach to enhancing the immune response to blood cancer”

The Past, Present and Future of Algal Biofuels

By Neil Nooreyezdan The idea of processing plant material to create liquid fuel is neither old nor unique. There are dozens of examples of crops (such as sugarcane, wheat, corn and molasses among others) being used to create bioethanol (Sarkar et al, 2012). Harder and Von Witsch, in 1942, were the first to propose theContinue reading “The Past, Present and Future of Algal Biofuels”

Lab-grown meat

Shriya Manwani “The next major revolution–on a scale with moving from the horse and cart to the automobile–is going to be in food,” says technology entrepreneur Paul Cuatrecasas, author of Go Tech or Go Extinct, resolving that “the biggest thing will be the development of cultured meat.”   This is certainly a bold statement, but notContinue reading “Lab-grown meat”

The solution to a worldwide organ shortage: 3D bioprinting

 By Cristina Riquelme Vano Over 120,000 people in the US are on a waiting list for organs, and many others experience the long-term damaging effects of post-transplant immunosuppression (National Kidney Foundation, 2020).The growing need for an alternative procedure to organ replacement has brought together a multidisciplinary team of researchers and bioengineers to develop a promisingContinue reading “The solution to a worldwide organ shortage: 3D bioprinting”

CRISPR-Cas9 and its exciting prospects for biofuels

  By Cara Burke The need for renewable and sustainable fuels is growing more and more urgent as the current climate crisis continues to worsen. Fossil fuels which contribute to the ever-growing rise of greenhouse gas emissions are not only continuing to be used but used to such extent that they are running out. AContinue reading “CRISPR-Cas9 and its exciting prospects for biofuels”