Redefining diagnostics: the integration of machine learning in medical imaging

By Federico Boiardi Medical imaging plays a vital role in modern healthcare, enabling practitioners to non-invasively access anatomical information for accurate disease diagnosis and management. The integration of machine learning (ML) techniques into medical imaging now has the potential to revolutionise diagnostics by improving accuracy, efficacy, and personalised care. Numerous ML models have shown promisingContinue reading “Redefining diagnostics: the integration of machine learning in medical imaging”

Lying and what drives people to lie

By Naveesha Karunanayaka There is no one definition for a lie, however the Cambridge dictionary defines one as speaking falsely. The act of lying is to “say or write something that is not true in order to deceive someone”.1 It involves two parties: the deceiver and the deceived. Although the deceiver is the one activelyContinue reading “Lying and what drives people to lie”

What are protocells and their applications?

By Jhonata Lam The use of protocells in modern research is able to assist in a range of subjects, from studying the origins of life to biotechnology.1 Involving the generation of synthetic cells, protocell research is therefore increasing in popularity. A benefit of its implementation is that it provides a significant degree of control toContinue reading “What are protocells and their applications?”

Bio-resistance of ionising radiation

By Jhonata Lam Extremophiles are organisms able to tolerate and survive in even the harshest environments on Earth. While such conditions can be attributed to their temperature, pH or pressure, different extremophiles’ tolerance to radiation remains a particularly great interest to the scientific community.1 Radiation itself is generated through the natural decay of radioactive elements –Continue reading “Bio-resistance of ionising radiation”

Sex determination systems in different organisms

By Jhonata Lam Using common model organisms – Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila melanogaster and the like – researchers have uncovered many pathways leading to sexual development. The dissection of procedures responsible for the diversity of different animal systems, however, remains challenging.1 Human physiology is partially determined by the genetic contribution of a pair of chromosomes known as the sex chromosomes.Continue reading “Sex determination systems in different organisms”

Black widows: does their reputation precede fact?

By Shreyas Kuchibhotla There are few things that man abhors more than the spider. For millennia, our perception of these creatures has been one driven by disgust, hate and unbridled horror. They possess all too many unblinking eyes, eight hairy legs that scale walls with ease, and a tendency to appear out of nowhere. About 3-15%Continue reading “Black widows: does their reputation precede fact?”

Insights into the germline cycle

By Alice de Bernardy Following the fertilisation of an egg by a spermatozoon, from a single totipotent cell develops an entire organism and extraembryonic cells that support its development. Some of these cells later differentiate into gametes, with fertilisation causing yet another round of embryonic development to take place. This is called the germline cycle.1Due toContinue reading “Insights into the germline cycle”

CAR T-cell therapy: A glimpse of hope for cancer patients

By Emmeleia Psyllaki Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells 1. These cells grow and multiply through the process of cell division to form new cells to meet our body’s needs. Sometimes, however, this process becomes disrupted and stops functioning normally. In that case, abnormal or damaged cells multiply and grow when they areContinue reading “CAR T-cell therapy: A glimpse of hope for cancer patients”

Magic mushrooms: a new cure for treatment-resistant depression?

By Sunaina Borkar Over the past few decades, depression has become increasingly prevalent around the world. Although ongoing scientific research has made great strides in the development of effective and accessible mental health treatments, tackling a specific type of depression known as treatment-resistant depression has been a challenge. Treatment-resistant depression currently affects 100 million people,Continue reading “Magic mushrooms: a new cure for treatment-resistant depression?”

Why drinking coffee wakes you up

By Alice de Bernardy Caffeine is considered to be the most widely used drug in the world.1 It is found in many dietary components of our daily lives: not only in coffee and tea, either, but also in soft drinks and even chocolate. While a typical cup of coffee contains around 100 mg of caffeine, its consumption variesContinue reading “Why drinking coffee wakes you up”