The unsustainable fear of insects

By Tamara Claire Fernandez A fear of insects is hardly uncommon. In extreme cases of uncontrollable and irrational fear, patients are medically diagnosed with entomophobia (Shahriari-Namadi, Tabatabaei & Soltani, 2018). However, it can be argued that even the average person’s aversion to insects possesses a similar element of irrationality. While the evolution of human disgustContinue reading “The unsustainable fear of insects”

Does the noise of the cities stop birds from singing?

By Adriana Ramos Calvo The term “behavioural plasticity” can be defined as a change in an organism’s behaviour as a result of exposure to external or internal stimuli and has been thought to reduce extinction risk in birds. This theory, however, has not been fully accepted since global evidence supporting it is limited. A recentContinue reading “Does the noise of the cities stop birds from singing?”