CAR T-cell therapy: A glimpse of hope for cancer patients

By Emmeleia Psyllaki Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells 1. These cells grow and multiply through the process of cell division to form new cells to meet our body’s needs. Sometimes, however, this process becomes disrupted and stops functioning normally. In that case, abnormal or damaged cells multiply and grow when they areContinue reading “CAR T-cell therapy: A glimpse of hope for cancer patients”

How does Buzz Lightyear do it? The battle between microgravity and the cardiovascular system 

By Stefanie Zhang  Every child once gazed up at the night sky and envisioned themselves that one day, like the Disney toy astronaut Buzz Lightyear, they will reach the stars. Space exploration has seen such advancement in technology and engineering over the centuries that it has allowed us to go from merely orbiting the earthContinue reading “How does Buzz Lightyear do it? The battle between microgravity and the cardiovascular system “

Secondary bacterial infections following viral respiratory infection

By Jessica Lu Respiratory infections are a major cause of mortality across the world. In 2015, lower respiratory tract infections were estimated to cause 2.74 million deaths worldwide.1 Viral respiratory tract infections are frequently linked to secondary bacterial infections that develop during or following the initial viral infection.2-4 For example, during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, at least oneContinue reading Secondary bacterial infections following viral respiratory infection

Can dogs sniff cancer?

By Esha Kulkarni There have been various cutting edge novel technologies that are being developed to help detect various types of cancers. Indeed, detection of cancer is the first step in providing treatment to patients. Recently, scientists are making use of key “biomarkers”, i.e, molecules that are persistent in tumor populations, to help mark andContinue reading “Can dogs sniff cancer?”

A case of the winter blues- the facts and science behind Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 

By Fatemah Kassamali Note: this article deals with themes associated with depression- please speak to a trained mental health professional to seek help if you need it.           As the nights draw in and temperatures plummet, many people report feeling the “winter blues”, but is there more to this story than just feeling a little low?Continue reading “A case of the winter blues- the facts and science behind Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) “

Is monkeypox the new COVID?

By Jasper Kan Recently, the rise of monkeypox cases worldwide alarmed the COVID-19- recovering world. The lessons learnt from the coronavirus pandemic resulted in increased caution to prevent another outbreak. However, the question arose as to whether it is as big a threat as COVID was.  Humans can be infected with monkeypox by either directContinue reading “Is monkeypox the new COVID?”

The Impact of Military Conflicts on Healthcare

By Jasper Kan It was not until Florence Nightingale’s work did the world attribute the lack of healthcare as a major cause of casualties at war. Exposed wounds serve as an optimal breeding ground of pathogens, while healthcare personnel treating them were sabotaged. Also, the impact of direct injuries were dwarfed by its indirect accelerationContinue reading “The Impact of Military Conflicts on Healthcare”

Scar free wound healing – a new reality?

By Madeleine Eaton Scars – we all have them. But while some may think of scars as a memory of a past incident, they have a high clinical burden. It is estimated that 100 million patients a year develop surgical scars (and that isn’t counting the millions more who get small scars from everyday incidents).1Continue reading Scar free wound healing – a new reality?

Digital Twins

By Naveesha Karunanayaka The idea of a digital twin holds different meanings across many sectors. Within Healthcare, creating a ‘digital twin’ involved curating a genetic profile of an individual which can then be used for medical purposes. This digital ‘self’ of an individual can then be used for drug and therapy testing – with suchContinue reading “Digital Twins”

Impact of food on health

By Runtian Wu Introduction As the ageing of populations occurs in many nations worldwide, people are increasingly looking for health-oriented diets to avoid diseases and increase the life span.1 Various health claims are circulating in the daily communications, such as the benefit of vegetarian, tea, restricted food intake, and organic food. Although many of theseContinue reading Impact of food on health