Complex human skin organoids

By Shivani Rajhansa Organoids, which are three-dimensional, self-organised tissue cultures derived from stem cells, are one of the most cutting-edge innovations in the biosciences today. From studying development and diseases of human tissues to personalised medical treatment, organoids have a scope of application that may not even be completely understood (Organoids: what are they &Continue reading “Complex human skin organoids”

Purinergic Receptor – A Target for The Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease?

By Kelly Macdonald-Ramsahai  Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) describe pathologies involving the heart, and its supplying and peripheral blood vessels including, but not limited to, stroke, atherosclerosis (AS), and coronary heart disease. Commonly these diseases present low-grade chronic inflammation and vascular dysfunction. Their manifestation is multi-factorial, involving genetic, environmental and behavioural risk factors such as physical activity,Continue reading “Purinergic Receptor – A Target for The Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease?”

Regulation of intrinsic apoptosis and cell death

By Christiana Popovic Cell death is essential for an organism to maintain tissue homeostasis; the removal of unwanted or damaged cells plays vital roles in cell growth and division. Understanding the mechanisms behind such a tightly controlled process is important as abnormal degrees of apoptosis can lead to the development of fatal diseases such asContinue reading “Regulation of intrinsic apoptosis and cell death”

Reactive Oxygen Species

By William Carter It is doubtful that any single mechanism exists in our biology to enact senescence. Rather, it is thought the revolutions and cycles of an intricate multiplicity of interlocking cellular cogs and gears is what dictates the slow, assured countdown of our personal doomsday clocks. One particular complication orchestrating our mortality is theContinue reading “Reactive Oxygen Species”

C’est la virus: Yes, they actually inhabit your DNA

By Katie Lau In July 2017, the French biologist Odile Heidmann and researchers at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute discovered a viral protein that streams through the veins of pregnant women. Hemo is produced by the fetus and originates from an ancient virus that once infected our ancestors. The retroviral envelope gene is highly expressedContinue reading “C’est la virus: Yes, they actually inhabit your DNA”

DNA-free genome editing

By Nitara Wijayatilake CRISPR-Cas is a revolutionary gene-editing tool that has allowed applied molecular biologists to cut and manipulate genes more rapidly and efficiently than ever before.  Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on these incredibly versatile “molecular scissors” (Nobel Media, 2020). Scientists, encouraged by the momentumContinue reading “DNA-free genome editing”

Fragile X Syndrome 101

By Linya Thng Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is commonly known as the monogenic leading cause of inherited intellectual disability and is also linked to other psychiatric and neurologic disorders such as autism (Mila et al., 2018). FXS is an X-linked condition caused by a triplet expansion involving the inhibition of FMR1 gene expression. The geneContinue reading “Fragile X Syndrome 101”

Machine learning reveals the existence of downstream core promoter regions

By Haoyu Li Genes and their expression patterns are the basis of cell phenotypes and cell states, thus, mechanism of gene expression regulation has always been a core field in molecular biology. Within the hierarchy of gene regulation, transcriptional regulation is the branch that had attracted the earliest attention of researchers and the most hasContinue reading “Machine learning reveals the existence of downstream core promoter regions”

Chimeras: Groundbreaking Phenomenon or Merely a Chance to Play God?

By Anushka Gupta Some may think this peculiarity is simply a myth, stemming from Greek mythology wherein a ‘chimera’ was a fire breathing creature – an unusual mélange of a lion, goat and dragon. It is easily unimaginable to some people that these hybrids exist in real life. A chimera is in fact “an organismContinue reading “Chimeras: Groundbreaking Phenomenon or Merely a Chance to Play God?”

Asbestos – a deadly trigger for pleural mesothelioma cancer

By Luciano Marinelli Asbestos is a natural mineral consisting of soft, flexible fibres which are resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion. Because of this, asbestos is an effective insulator and can be used to strengthen materials such as cement, clothing and paper. However, it has been shown that, when inhaled or ingested, it can causeContinue reading “Asbestos – a deadly trigger for pleural mesothelioma cancer”