The Language of Trees: How do trees talk amongst one another?

By Yujean Kim As  children, we used to envision the woods and forests as oddly magical places. By Reading numerous novels, from ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ to ‘Lord of the Rings’, a picture of talking and moving trees formed. The enchanted forests. Although this beautiful yet ‘childlike’ perception of forests slowly dwindled away with age, weContinue reading “The Language of Trees: How do trees talk amongst one another?”

Veganism: truth or trend?

By Nitara Wijayatilake The adoption of vegan diets has increased majorly in the past decade, with people growing more and more concerned about their health and environment. Long-lasting beliefs about meat-centric meals are dying out and being slowly replaced with a desire for plant-based power. Celebrities rave over kale smoothies and avocado on toast, butContinue reading “Veganism: truth or trend?”