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The battle of the ages: Cancer vs Virus

By Jessie Ng Chi Wai An oncolytic virus is a type of replicable virus which infects and kills cancer cells. Oncolytic virus therapy is now highly regarded among cancer treatments, as it has shown excellent capability in stimulating an immune response against cancer without causing harm to other healthy tissues.          Reports of viral infectionsContinue reading “The battle of the ages: Cancer vs Virus”

Inside the mind of serial killers – are they born to kill?

By Luciano Marinelli Serial killers have always intrigued society and have inspired multiple series and documentaries, providing valuable insights on their motivations and psychology. Are these individuals born to kill, or are they just victims of harsh circumstances? The psychology of serial killers, and its neuroscientific basis, has long been studied by psychologists and socialContinue reading “Inside the mind of serial killers – are they born to kill?”

Ocean Currents and their Relationship with Marine Life

By Ayoush Srivastava As climate change continues to accelerate, there is increased international attention towards its effects and the development of potential measures to slow its pace. The exponential growth of greenhouse gas emissions over the past 30 years, especially carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), has increased the average global temperature by 0.2°C annually;Continue reading “Ocean Currents and their Relationship with Marine Life”

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