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Differences between the extroverted brain and the introverted brain

By Jenny Tang  An extroverted person is one who feels “charged” after social interaction (Mesurado et al., 2014), whereas an introvert feels “charged” through its absence, feeling that social interaction is draining. Introversion and extroversion are not simply theoretical concepts, but can be physically observed through the use of imaging to understand their function.      TheContinue reading “Differences between the extroverted brain and the introverted brain”

How we engage in mutual cooperation: the neuroscience of trust

By Luciano Marinelli Throughout life, many decisions are made within the context of social interactions, hence will affect both us and other people. Difficult social decisions often involve an internal conflict between following our own interests and that of others. These decisions require a good amount of trust, especially when engaging in reciprocal exchange, inContinue reading “How we engage in mutual cooperation: the neuroscience of trust”

Traf3: A potential new target to improve the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy

By Haoyu Li In recent years, cancer immunotherapy has developed rapidly. Immune checkpoint inhibitors activate the patient’s own immune system by targeting and suppressing immune checkpoints, significantly improving the prognosis of many cancer patients. However, most cancer patients are still resistant to immune checkpoint therapy. Among them, the lack or down-regulation of cancer cell antigenContinue reading “Traf3: A potential new target to improve the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy”

Using Machine Learning to Predict Cardiovascular Disease

By Aarushi Bellani Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally today (WHO) and more research and resources are being devoted to creating methods to predict and prevent them. Apart from diagnosing cardiovascular diseases accurately, assessing the impact of different risk factors to predict susceptible individuals is being explored. This has opened up anContinue reading “Using Machine Learning to Predict Cardiovascular Disease”

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